arts education projects

-Fractals are for everyone

Designed as a drop-in workshop in the park, this activity encourages 
children to look closer at the plants around them. Younger children will 
simply identify patterns in leaves, seeds, branches, trunks, stems, 
flowers and other parts in comparison with the whole plant. 
Older children may want to go further and search for fractal 
patterns and ratios that display Fibonacci number sequences.

-Patterns from home

Relief printing with foam plates and softoleum blocks with imagery that 
expresses feelings, ideas, images and concepts of home in the context 
of migration, identity and homeland. 
Designed for grade 7/8, the four 3-hour sessions produce three different
prints, and finish with a pattern abstracted from personal and shared
memories, places, nature and objects.

-Prince of Wales inter-generational
Grades 3 & 4
Ink and Imagination and Rubbing it in 

Grades 1 & 2
"Stuff" we use in Winter


-Seeing with memory

Grade 7/8 Teacher's guide to the work of Shelley Niro

(please note that the pdf is layed out to print back to back on legal format paper © Centre3 for Print and Media Art)

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