After Krieghoff, Members' Gallery, Centre3, Hamilton, and Railway City Art Crawl, Saint Thomas, Ontario

Nicaragua Sketchbooks, 2-person exhibit with Dámarys Sepúlveda at Gallery 4, Hamilton Central Library


POV Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Winnipeg, MB

Future Shock: A Requiem of the Past & Ontario INK - curated by Kiera Boult, Centre3, Hamilton


Signal Box, corner of Annette and Jane, Toronto

Unfinished, part of Enraged, Inertia Ran Off, Red Tree intervention in public space

Fonts, 8 holy water fountains in "Cash Money" at the Hundreddollargallery

Steel Town, Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, Ontario July 8-31


Tree Story, a photo mural (following Objects Subject to Change) Theatre Aquarius, Hamilton

Self-Similar, part of (-) HOME, WAHC 51 Stuart Street, Hamilton; curated by Hitoko Okada for Centre3 for Print and Media Art and Workers' Art and Heritage Centre


Undefined, Roadside Attractions, 911 Davenport Road, Toronto, September 13 - October 24

Market Tiles, an ART S.E.A.L.S. project taking place in Hamilton, May 2/3 and in Windsor, October 17/18


Place Holder, King William Street Art Walk

Undefined, A Space Windows, 110-401 Richmond Street West, Toronto, May 31 - July 13

CT Print Biennale, various locations in Cuba and Canada, touring 2012-2014



Objects Subject to Change, at C3, 173 James Street North, Hamilton, Nov 9-30

Whirligig, you me gallery, Hamilton (collaboration with Werner Lichtenberger)

Habitat Vegas, at 952 Queen Street West

Bank on Art a special project for Contact 2012, May 1 – May 31



This Woman’s Work, curated by Sally Frater, Project Space, Hamilton
Whirligig, you me gallery, Hamilton, http://youtu.be/aeU6_aoMT70
The Puzzle, Campbell House, Toronto

thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for Exhibition Assistance


Culture/Nature, Limlip Museum, Korea; you me gallery and The Print Studio, Hamilton

Border Prints, TPS, Hamilton


Art and Activism, YYZ, Toronto; collaborative work with Nery Espinoza; group exhibition curated by Kym Pruesse


Arts Against the Occupation Chikyudo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan - painting


A Place Not Visible On the Map – Konkordija, Vrsac and Modern Art Gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia


Arts Against the Occupation - Forest City Gallery, London, ON



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