Hyphenated Home

A community art project developed in partnership between Centre3 for Print and Media Arts, and OPIRG McMaster. Artists (Amelia Jiménez, Ingrid Mayrhofer) and community participants Amanda, Ashmita, María Eugenia, Myriam, Nejma, Olga, Sandra and Shelley set out to answer questions arising from the “hyphenated” Canadian through a collaborative creative process: “What do we mean when we say we feel at home in Hamilton, or that we are going back home for a holiday?” 

During four Saturdays in June 2014, the group explored the feelings of longing for and belonging to the place we came from, and to our new home at the same time. Experimenting in relief printing, digital imaging and sculpture, each participant contributed ideas and images to the set of screenprinted placemats.

Contact: Ingrid