Steel town, hot rolled, on the slag heap


Steel Town depicts aerial view sections of Hamilton's industrial sector, together with facades of residential streets

in its vicinity. Each scene features the same embellishments – a sailboat, a moon, geraniums – to reflect the

character of the houses, architectural details and modifications that express individual taste and style.

Hot Rolled builds on the theme Steel Town. Two rows of industrial sector houses provide a border for abstracted

interpretation of the steelmaking process. Objects found on and around the houses sugges a connection between

the industry and its products.

On the Slag Heap is the final set of prints in this series, offering a post-industrial vision. Houses on the bright

side of the slagheap have been remodeled in a style of industrial chic. Steel roofs and facades on neo-modernist

architectural cubes are set in the midst of a new park. In the shadow of the slag heap are the remnants of industry.